to Rudolph Moshammer

"The King is dead! Long live the King!"


Germany's most flamboyant fashion designer passed away the 14th of January 2005 in Munich strangled by an Iraqi man saying he became embroiled over payment for sex.

Born in Munich the 27th of September 1940 he was very close to Bavarian culture and loved King Louis II, the so-called 'Fairy King of Bavaria'.

Thirty years ago he and his mother built up the fashion shop 'Carnaval de Venise'
in Munich's famous and most expensive Maximilian Street.

Mr Moshammer was a well-known figure on the German celebrity circuit and was known for his extravagant bouffant hairstyle and flamboyant suits. He was always accompanied by his Yorkshire terrier, Daisy.

Among his regular customers were Arnold Schwarzenegger, King Carl Gustav of Sweden, actor Richard Chamberlain, Spanish tenor Jose Carreras, the Las Vegas magicians Siegfried and Roy and Leonhard Bernstein.

When not partying or designing clothes, he spent much time with Munich's homeless, often distributing food to those who lived under the city's bridges.

Moshammer backed a number of charities. He grew up in poverty in the city, and his father was an alcoholic and died homeless.

An unconventional philanthropist, three years ago he sold a shirt thought to have been worn by Napoleon at Waterloo, donating the $ 60,000 proceeds to Munich's street people.

He displayed two different faces to the Munich people who loved him dearly for being a copy of their beloved king who also lived in his dreams. Although a copy of the king, Moshammer was an original, bringing color and happiness to Munich, Germany and across the seas.

He was wearing a mask like we all do in our lives. We pretend to be a person no one would expect us to be. And so did he. Even though people knew that he was homosexual, Mr Moshammer never outed himself.

He played a role and opened for the common people a royal way of being generous. They liked him as the fool. A fool who was able to break rules in a very charming way. The mask he was wearing was never boring. We all wear masks but I am sure that most of this is to no avail. But never 'Mosi' who loved and lived a baroque stile, as he thought he lived in that period in former times.

The mask makes us able to live our dreams. To dare to live them. Mr Moshammer had the nerve to live his selfmade role. And that isn't easy when one is hiding what society refers to as a dark side.

We all need to live our dreams, our illusions. Without them we are only lonesome empty walkers on this planet.

Moshammer danced. He refused to walk in the shadows.

Why such a phenomenon? Why do people forgive him his dark side?

He was a good boy and then man.
He made it from the lowest level to the highest in life.
He made a charity you could see and touch.

He was typical Munich creation. If he would have lived in Berlin or another city in Germany he couldn't have done that. It was the connection to King Louis II, the history that is so familiar to all Bavarian people - this made him a second Fairy King.

He ruled the whole keyboard of the medias. And was a natural talent in this. People troop together for such a phenomenon.

He will be stylized into an icon.
People forgive him his dark side as he did so many good things for the poor.

I dedicate this site to Rudolph Moshammer for what he dared to do and succeeded in doing. He created himself and the whole of Germany was and is the better for it.

Rest in peace 'Mosi', and thank you for the colors.

Irmingard Anna Kotelev
Brett M. Stark, USA
Munich - 20th of January 2005

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