THE ARTIST~  Irmingard Anna Kotelev lives in Munich/Germany where she was born. A very lovely and petit woman.  She is a pilot, taking to the sky as often as possible. Flying allows her to enjoy the other view of the  world. She has flown through the Caribbean Islands from Ft. Lauderdale to Trinidad & Tobago and in  Australia and South Africa as well.  Irmingard Anna has done extensive traveling for years which has offered her the opportunity to  capture her wonderful images around the world.  Irmingard Anna Kotelev studied jurisprudence, but found the arts had already stolen her heart. She  has created some photographic projects for the city of her birth, for  the Venice Carnival and for the  Vatican, built up a traveling business in the Russia Ural region (the first woman to do this).  But her very soul is tied to the photographs and calligraphy which are always in her mind.  The magic was passed to her through her mother and father's genes. Her father was a master in  confectioneering  and baking. Her mother, a master tailor. Art, music, drawing...these things were  prevailant in the home. Her father was very talented at piano, guitar and calligraphy. There is a great  history, and a family tree which goes back to  the 17th century! - realatives in L.A., California, US  immigrated to Montana in 1900 and have since donated at the Wall of Honor in New York, Ellis Island,  US. Irmingard grew, learned and honed her talents.  A natural at calligraphy, she has done some amazing work in this medium. She has taken a deep  interest in prose, having  now written some beautiful pages. Tiny hands control gigantic talent here.  Irmingard bakes 25 different cookies for Christmas. Twenty five.  I rest my case. The lady is multitalented and excells in every medium she goes on.  There are pictures...and then there are photographs.  You are now invited to enter her handmade theater of visions at your will, and find that Irmingard's  work will pull you through...straight into her world. Irmingard Anna's world.  Enjoy the ride.  Have a cookie? Brett M. Stark  California