Love Letter  I







Dear Janet,


I slept in this morning, really slept deeply and warm...cozy.

   I woke to a well-lit room which danced with sunshine and colour from a

special day.

   Birdsong outside of my window...the scent of Jasmine in the air, so sweet

and inviting. So like you, Janet.

   I breakfasted on our favourite foods of those hours...good cheese and

better bread. Hot mint tea and clover honey.

   Smiling faces on joggers. Salutations from strangers. Stray dogs stopping

for attention.

   Still, this music was lost on me...wasted on me... Why? Easy to answer..

you were not there to share it, Janet.

   I love you with my heart and soul. Janet...I adore you.









Love Letter  II




what a wonderful chat! I will speak for myself…that was SO sensual, and I can’t say why. It just…was.

   I find you quite fascinating, sensitive, artistic, warm, fragile, strong and a little girl inside a very grown-up woman.

   I can drink you up, and was while we spoke. There was something very seductive about the whole chat. I was more than enjoying that. I hope that you felt this too. It was disturbing in that wonderful forbidden way….   







Love Letter III




Thank you for your words….great words. I am still quiet. I am reading your letter…Disturbing in that special way….What can we do with all that energy flowing between us? It makes me tremble….All my creative parts are requested.

Colours, words, melodies, tastes, emotions….I need time to understand this change.

   I read your letter again and again….

I love you James.



...with a smile...






Love Letter III




I can not choose a favourite picture of you. Which soft kiss is the best? Ah-hah…your beauty is food for the soul, treats for the eyes. I lap it up like a cat loving a plate of cream. My artistic Janet…

   You be a good girl, don’t forget to eat and dream of James…who walks the night clouds…and hops from star to star…fly with me…take me with you in your sleep….I am not afraid. I will meet you there…in dreams.